Anyone close to me will know that over the past few years I have discovered and become obsessed with essential oils. 

Since becoming a mother of two, balancing daily life with two young vibrant children and its ups and downs – the joy and love, along with the inevitable tantrums and stress, I discovered essential oils and how they calmed some of the most overwhelming and anxious moments I was often experiencing as a mum.


With my new-found love and appreciation of essential oils, I tried quite a few brands I was purchasing from health food stores, using in our diffuser at home to help provide a sense of calm, aid breathing issues my Son was experiencing as a newborn and also make our home smell beautiful.

After experimenting for a year or so, I was approached by a few people introducing me to dōTERRA – a Certified Therapeutic Grade oil company. Jazze from The Calm Compound and Kobi and Deonne from Maison Saine were both so kind to send me custom made blends for myself and the kids. I loved the dōTERRA oils and embraced them straight away. 

I am not fond of change,  very indecisive and I take a while to form a calculated decision, so it’s no surprise I was using oils for some time before I made my own account to purchase from dōTERRA directly. In saying that, the quality of dōTERRA oils, coupled with their transparency and ethical co-impact sourcing won me over and I haven’t looked back since. 

I now use my oils several times a day, feeling empowered that I can naturally support my family’s health and well being, our emotions and keeping our home germ free. 

After making the switch to dōTERRA’s essential oils as therapeutic pure-fume, I found I couldn’t wear traditional perfume without getting a headache. Since making the conscious decision to limit our family’s exposure to fragrance and chemicals, I’ve become so sensitive to synthetic fragrance and chemicals and so I am endeavouring to make our family home as low-tox as possible.

I absolutely never thought I would be doing this, but I’ve even started making our own baby wipes, dishwashing powder, surface spray and toilet cleaner (It’s actually SO easy and cheap, and you don’t have to fear any toxic chemicals in your usual household cleaning products) and I would roll my eyes when I’d read people saying this on instagram and now I do it! Ha-  who even am I?). 

I was initially very hesitant to switch to the business side of dōTERRA, however, just as I tell my friends my favourite finds for restaurants, activities for the kids, great parks to visit etc, I found myself raving about dōTERRA oils and giving my friends samples of oils to try and help whatever concerns they were experiencing at the time.

So, finally I have embraced joining the business when I was already advocating for them (for free) for so long and I’d love to extend the same opportunity to you. If you’re interested in helping your body and mind with the therapeutic benefits of oils, and minimising your exposure to unnecessary and harmful chemicals, please get in touch, I’d love to help you on your way. 

Some of my favourite ways to use DoTERRA oils daily include:


  • A drop of peppermint in the corner of the shower or on my chest for my morning shower. A beautiful way to start my day
  • Post shower aromatic dressing with whatever oil I feel like, to support me emotionally and in place of perfume
  • Peppermint and wild orange in the kitchen diffuser whilst I make the kids breakfast. This blend makes me feel alert and ready for the day even if I didn’t get enough sleep
  • On guard hand sanitiser spray on the kids clothes for school / play group to keep germs away
  • On Guard roller down the kids spine (and mine) for daily immunity
  • Balance oil straight on my wrists and inhale for instant calm. Perfect for the kids during emotional outbursts too!
  • Car diffuser – usually with the same morning pep up. Or something antibacterial if anyone is under the weather
  • Everyday, particularly in winter I like to sip on warm water throughout the day, I love to add a drop of lemon, wild orange or smart & sassy to my insulated drink bottle
  • Relaxing
  • Aiding cold symptoms. Blocked/runny noses, coughs, temperatures
  • Menstrual support, and balancing hormones – (clarycalm is a saviour!)
  • Aches and pains (Ice blue rub is used regularly in our house, especially by my husband)
  • Upset tummies (digest zen is life for kids and adults!)
  • Headaches (peppermint and especially Past Tense are our go-to’s for this)
  • Mood management (for the whole family) and grounding
  • Washing fresh fruit and veggies to remove germs and rinse chemicals off!

Jerri x


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